Shanelle Loraine

Let’s skip college sports for a while and talk about pool. Specifically Women’s pool player Shanelle Loraine.

Born: March 25
Hometown: Guam, USA
Current residence: Orlando, Florida
Height: 5’1”
Hair Color: Brown
Eye color: Light brown

Shanelle Loraine, a Fil-American Pool Player from Orlando is gaining some popularity not only in the pool world but in the world wide web, too.

Loraine played in the Women’s World 10-Ball Championship held here in the Philippines (June 2-6, 2009), showing her skills to Filipino billiards enthusiasts.

With all those beautiful pool players coming out, Shanelle included, it looks like their having a mini beauty pageant while pooling. She does not belong to the top pool players in the world, as Shanelle Loraine only started playing pool in 2000, but being the #1 women’s player in Guam is good enough for me. She’s a pretty player with nice skills at playing pool plus she pulls a number of audience – an International Pool Star.

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  1. gilbert says:

    ui te sha^^ gilbert to un gf ni cel.hihih tnx kagabi..

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