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Mapua Volleyball Team

I apologize for the minimal update of this blog, college takes a lot of time and I haven’t been able to blog because of it. In this entry I’ll talk about the Mapua Volleyball Team.

Champion Team gone Kaput.

When the Mapua Men’s Volleyball Team won their last championship in 2002, with no clue, the team was disbanded. It’s such a waste that a team that had just won a championship wouldn’t be able to participate and to defend their title the following academic year. The lone reason that I could think of is that the administration lacks the financial capacity to support athletic scholarships for the student-athletes.

Having a Volleyball Team would require at least six (6) players that can play, but no school would participate with just those amount of players, the very reasonable number of players would be around nine (9) to twelve (12). As such, providing athletic scholarships to that many students would require a handful amount of money.

Since then, the Mapua never joined the the National Collegiate Athletic Association Volleyball Tournament that is played every first semester of the academic year. You won’t find any athlete wearing the Cardinals  logo in the tournament’s three divisions:  Juniors for high school students, Seniors for male college students and Women’s for female college students from school year 2002 to 2008.

Mapua Volleyball Team in the 85th NCAA Tournament.

You read it right, after seven (7) years of absence, Mapua is going to bring in it’s student athlete’s back on the  volleyball court this coming 85th season.

But this time, it’s the girls that will shine.

Mapua is a school better known for being a male dominant school, maybe, just maybe, to boost the number of students in the distaff side, the school chose to include a team not on the men’s but on the women’s division.

I don’t know if it’s the official lineup but looking at the present players  practicing at the gymnasium,  albeit with the inclusion of a former beach volleyball player, I honestly think that they’re a little too shabby, hey, that’s just for me.  Nonetheless, I know they’re the best that the school has to offer and they’re a hard worker so they’ll be fine. They’ve got a big heart and they love the game.

For fellow Mapuans reading this article, let’s take a little look from the past, the Mapua Volleyball Team had won one (1) juniors Volleyball Championship (1978-79) and ten (10) Men’s NCAA Volleyball Championships (1960-61,1965-66,1966-67,1967-68,1968-69,1969-70,1970-71,1974-75,1997-98 and 2001-02). With 11 Championships under the Cardinals’ wings, it looks pale compared with San Sebastian’s 43 but we are still third in the league after Letran’s 24 Championships.

What can you say?

Do you think it’s a good idea that they bring back a sports team instead of planning and implementing a better athletic program for the current sporting events that Mapua currently participates?  And do you think putting up a women’s team instead of a men’s team a better idea (Just so to clear things, I’m not against having the women’s team. Quite the contrary, I’ve been longing for it.)? Share your thoughts below.

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