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Rabeh Al-Hussaini

This week’s Student Athlete is Rabeh Al-Hussaini, the Most Valuable Player of the 71st UAAP Men’s Basketball.Name: Rabeh Al-Hussaini
Birthday: August 11, 1988
Weight: 240 lbs
Height: 6’7

Former Team: Philippine Christian University Baby Dolphins
Current Team: Ateneo de Manila University Blue Eagles
Jersey no: 19

How did you start playing your sport?
I started when I was twelve (12). I never really intended to play that sport though.

Reasons for competing in that sport?
I started playing so that I could help my family with its financial problems so I could get a scholarship and study for free.

Were you a varsity player during your elementary and high school days?
I started playing first (1st) year high school.

How much do you usually spend playing sports?
I never really played heavily on the streets. I learned and honed my skills in Philippine Christian University.

What do you do when you’re not playing sports?
Usually, I play computer games. Sometimes I hang around campus fields and jog around.

What are your greatest achievements/awards/moment as an athlete?
I got an award during my third (3rd) year high school in PCU. I was the most defensive player back then. Now in college I got a breakout season during my fourth (4th) year and bagged multiple awards.

  • Mythical five (5)
  • Appeton Most Improved Player of the Year
  • Jolibee Champ of the Year
  • Most Valuable Player of the Year

What’s your course? Are you enjoying it?
Well, basically you just have to get used to it. Specially here in Ateneo, there are no special treatments. No matter who you are or how good you are, once you are in this school, you are just a regular student and have to fulfill the requirements of the school.

My course is inter-disciplinary studies taking up the tracks of Psychology and Communications. My course is about multiple courses taking up in the same time.

When you were a kid, what do you want to be? Are you fulfilling it? Or do you have plans of fulfilling it in the future?
When i was I kid, I really never looked in the future, I always look on whats in front me and what I have now.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Where do I see my self in five years? I still don’t know. Let God do the things for me and I will just keep working on what I have.

Any lucky charm? Where’d you get it?
I don’t believe in any lucky charms, premonitions etc. what I believe is that what you put on practice will come out in the game, if you work really hard, all things will become easy. But when you star playing around, your game will surely drop.

Who are the players you look up to or any idols?
In the NBA it’s Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan. In the local PBA, it’s my brother Carlo Sharma.

Thanks for your time, Rabeh. God bless and good luck! Image by Joseph Le.

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