Student Athlete: Gretchen Ong Ho

Gretchen Ong Ho
Gretchen Ong Ho

Name: Gretchen Ong Ho
Birthday: April 19, 1990
Weight: 125 lbs
Height: 5’7

College Team: Ateneo De Manila University
Former Clubs: Immaculate Conception Academy (ICA) Girls Volleyball Team
Current Club: ADMU Women’s Volleyball Team
Sports: Volleyball
Position: center / open
Jersey no: 3

Were you a varsity player during your elementary and high school days?
Yes. I joined the HS varsity team when I was in grade 7 and continued until graduation.

What are your greatest achievements/awards as an athlete?
MVP, Best Attacker, Best Blocker, Best Server, Mythical 6, ICA-XS Fun Run Champion, Best in Athletics Awardee (graduation).

What’s your course? Are you enjoying it?
Management Engineering. So far I’m having a hard time adjusting to college life because some professors don’t teach. But yeah, I think I am enjoying my course. Hopefully, I won’t get kicked out or be forced to shift!

When you were a kid, what do you want to be? Are you fulfilling it? Or do you have plans of fulfilling it in the future?

Actually, I really want to be an NGO worker and help the less fortunate. I love doing charity work and I think I’ll be able to fulfill that once I get a good job after college. As they said, I can’t help anyone if I’ve got nothing. I also want a job that allows me to travel and do field work.

Is it hard balancing academics and athletics at the same time? How’s your studies?
Yes, it’s hard because I have to manage my time well. I can’t be complacent and just bum around. I have to use every spare time I’ve got to study. I also have to sacrifice a little bit of my social life, and time for other things.

Any lucky charm? Where’d you get it?
My Scapular. Days with the Lord in ICA.

Who are the players you look up to or any idols?

I guess I look up to my HS coach a lot, Coach Vilet Ponce De Leon. She was a player for UST WVT before. She taught me everything about volleyball. I also look up to Charo Soriano and Laurence Ann Latigay.

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Galwin is an Internet marketer for JLF Private Pool and ITSolutions.PH. Galwin holds a Bachelor of Science in computer engineering from the Mapua Institute of Technology. He is an athlete, foodie, student of life, photography and technology enthusiast, and a travel junkie.

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85 comments on “Student Athlete: Gretchen Ong Ho
  1. caloi says:

    luv u…

  2. kheiiy says:

    ang gling muh poh fun mu poh aq lahat ng game nio pinapanuod ko grve ang ganda m ang galing mupa poh..
    iloveyou poh gudluck

  3. prince says:

    grabe idol ko talaga to.
    shes the next big star!!!
    abangan kita 2nd conference ng v-league..

  4. kirk ashton says:


    Keep up the goo work…

    luv you…

  5. hi… grtchen…. nice poh kau magserve ng bola…just krrp up the good work…

  6. naichen says:

    wow…! you also dream of being an NGO…? IDOL tlaga kita=))

  7. donalyn says:

    hi ate gretch super fan po kita……
    galing nyo nga poh eh….
    sayang natalo kayo ng feu…
    pero ok lng yun atleast napa2nayan nyo na magaling kayo…
    c u at the next game sana varsity ka pa rin…..

  8. iris says:

    idol.,,gud luck 4 dis coming uaap!!!!!

  9. prinella11 says:

    i am your super fan!
    i love volleyball too.
    c0n6rats pla xa game nyo kahapon xa feu!
    keep up da 60od work 6uys..
    sna mkasali team nyo xa final 4..

  10. bryan says:

    hi. galing nyo po. nacocompare po kayo sa magagaling na dating player ng UAAP. BEAUTY AND BRAIN pa po. sana this year magchampion kau. go go go. ONE BIG FIGHT. KILL THEM ALL. LIKE A COUNTER STRIKE GaME.

  11. jan2 says:

    cute mo tlg idol im always here to support u,, no. 1 fan mo ko

  12. ,, galing mo,, quicker
    galing mo idol

  13. cute mo idol, goodluck!
    hope makita kita ng personal…

  14. joyce says:

    BEAUTY AND BRAIN :D galing mo idoL “G” !

  15. tin says:

    number 1 fan nyo po ako, galing nyo po kasi ehh. ateneo din po kse nagwowork yung daddy ko . :)) i want to see you soon. :)) take care. :))

  16. ahlgen says:


  17. dulce says:

    i love gretchen ho .. your a good player i hope i will see you soon

  18. Jon says:

    Hi Miss G!!! “kahit mahal kita, wala akong magagawa. tanggap ko o aking sinta, pangarap lang kita…”

  19. sam says:

    hi miss pangarap lang kita keep up the good work and i hope we’ll meet soon

  20. Russel says:

    Weh, i love it. The best!

  21. yhukie says:

    hello idlo astig ka talga!

  22. jeorge estoque 7 says:

    hi ms pagarap lang kita keep up the good work and i hope w’ll meet soon i love you ateneo # 3 ho gud luck sa laro mo sa nxt conference sa uaap

  23. hai ho .galing mo mag laro idol talaga kita.. lagi kitang pina panood pag-mag lalaro ka… sana galingan mo uli.

  24. jhe eway says:

    .ang galing nyu po and beautiful pa po kayo.
    .kaya po pala napaos c robi dahil kaka’cheer sa inyo!..

  25. kamote't itlog says:

    she’s the ultimate sweet china girl. even if i can freely dream of her a thousand times, i’d still end up with kamote’t itlog in my two hands when i wake up. tough life when you’re not as blessed as the rest.

  26. israel blanco says:

    hello idol,

    i know its pretty late but i just opened this item and damn lucky to see you here :) congrats sa pagkakapanalo nyo last shakeys v-league. how about sa UAAP, tapos na ba? di ko na kasi nasundan dahil naka-onboard na ako. saan ako pede makabili ng jersey with your name and number. ‘yun pang-lalaki nga pala.) keep it up idol GO #3 HOORAH!!!

    fair wind and smooth seas :)

  27. chico adam says:

    u rely play great, i hope dt ur dream of being an NGO worker myt happen somday..kip it up,hop somday i cud see you helping dos needy,,gudluck..luvya…

  28. anOnymous says:

    I can only love her more

  29. Neil says:

    i totally admire her so much, she’s a great player. simple, cute at hindi mayabang. i wish i will have a girlfried like you and hope to see you in person to have picture with you, hehehe. godbless mam, just keep that attitude. =)

  30. Teacher cel says:

    Hello gretchen, I am a teacher and I teach english, I am not into sports but there was a time that my boyfriend was watching a certain sport on tv and that was your game.I was really amazed with that extraordinary talent that you have.from that time I always prefer to watch your game than to go anywhere. It is really entertaining.You are so pretty,versatile and talented. kindly say hi also to: ms.valdez,cainglet,ferrer.Thankyou and i do hope to see you soon!take care…Good luck:)

  31. danica says:

    go idol do!!!galingan nyo sa finals at sana mnalo..kc nkaka panghina pc ntatalo keu eh:<

  32. maribel restan says:

    I admire you Gretchen Ho…Ang bait mo sobra..sana ma-meet po kita someday

  33. maribel restan says:

    I admire you Gretchen Ho napaka bait mo.

  34. riyallyn mae garde says:

    hello gretchen super duper fan”s mu po ako…
    sobrang cute nyo po hehe.. take care always

  35. ramon says:

    Hi Gretchen im one of your fan I saw you in your volleyball games your really great and a beauty hope will meet you one day im here in Melbourne my is Ramon cheers good luck

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